Spring Is For Springtails

Sunday February 25, 2007


Mr Pest Control


I am having a problem with springtails. Nothing I've tried seems to keep them gone for long. There is no apparent moisture source. Both homes with the ongoing problem have a slab foundation. We have taken off all the switch plates in the problem areas and dusted into the voids. It only helps temporarily. I have heard that you should treat up into weep screen(?), the point where the stucco meets the foundation. I plan on trying this on the next service. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also, I have had 2 customers tell me that friends told them to place dryer fabric softener sheets around the yard to keep bees and wasps away. Have you heard anything about this? I have not personally talked with anyone who has done this. Thanks, Lee,

Mr Pest Control


Springtails become a major nuisance as the weather warms and all that winter dampness makes the landscape just dandy for them. Springtails love moisture, feeding on algae, fungus, and other bits of decaying organic material that can be found in moist locations. Inside a home they are not going to live very long unless they can find some moist situation to cling to, as the dryness of the home just is not conducive to their survival, and they certainly will not find anything to eat if it's too dry. However, they can run and bounce around for awhile indoors, and become just a bit of a nuisance. They also may be associated with potted plants, which we do keep watered and damp, so this resource should be investigated too. In my own bathroom - second floor - I am confident that the large potted plant next to the basins is the source of the reg... Read more

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