Enough to Kill a Horse?

Monday March 27, 2017


Mr Pest Control


Can Answer® Kills Gophers by JT Eaton be applied to a dormant pasture? How much does a horse need to ingest before it is deadly?

dwayne, NM

Mr Pest Control


The product label states that it can be applied to rangelands in underground pocket gopher burrows. The risk of accidental horse poisoning is minimized by applying the product underground according to the label. The risk is greater if the product is applied above ground or not stored in an area inaccessible to horses. Both actions are contrary to the product label.

How much product a horse must ingest to reach a fatal dose depends on a horse’s weight. This information is not present on this product’s SDS. In the event of an accidental horse poisoning, a veterinarian would most likely contact the manufacturer to find out.

Mr. Pest Control

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