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Saturday July 12, 2008


Mr Pest Control


I have purchased over-the-counter herbicides to spray on Wyoming state property using a four wheeler with a 12' boom and hand sprayer, as well as one person walking with a back pack sprayer into different areas. What would you recommend for PPE, and should any signage have the name of the herbicide, and how long does it stay up? Do I need a license for over the counter products?

Mr Pest Control


I'm going to do a bit of a cop out here, and ask that you verify the requirements for your state with the local regulatory or licensing agency there. Every state may have their own specific regulations regarding posting, licensing, and required PPE for employees, which I assume you are referring to with the other 2 people assisting in this weed management program. Your email address suggests that you are an employee of the state of Wyoming, and thus you may be applying the herbicides to property owned, shall we say, by your employer. This can be important with respect to the licensing requirements, where you likely would have to be a licensed business if you were a private contractor, but possibly not when doing the applications only for your employer.

The EPA requires licensing or certification for pesticide use only when you are purchasing and using a product that is Restricted Use, in which case the product Label would have this statement on it in big, bold letters. Products sold on retail shelves should never be rest... Read more

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