Crabgrass "Control"?

Friday September 28, 2012


Mr Pest Control


I was wondering if there is anything new or different advice for problems with the dreaded Crabgrass. I haven't tried any Pre-M because of the timing factor for one (not down at the right time and you have wasted your money) and I have seen stunted roots on others that have had Pre-M used. The Crabgrass is in St. Augustine in central Florida.

Steve, FL

Mr Pest Control


There probably is not anything strikingly new for crabgrass, and as one university fact sheet on this weed states it, "you cannot eradicate crabgrass and to expect a crabgrass-free lawn is unrealistic". These weeds produce copious numbers of seeds that can lay dormant in the soil for years, finally germinating when the conditions are appropriate. Typically this is when the soil temperature in the top 1/4 inch reaches about 60 degrees and... Read more

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