Bed Bugs And Hotels

Thursday July 26, 2012


Mr Pest Control


Can you treat bed bugs by fumigation or fogging hotel guest rooms? What is the best treatment?


Mr Pest Control


I will say first that "fogging" is going to be fairly ineffective for resolving a bed bug problem. Fogging the air with pyrethrum may be able to kill some exposed adult bugs, but it will have no effect on bugs that are hidden within the many, many hiding places they are likely to be. This includes seams of mattresses, within dressers and all the crevices on dressers, behind head boards and items hanging on the walls, along the seams of carpets at the wall junction and behind wall baseboards, and even inside TV's or bedside clocks. All of the bugs hiding within these places need to be killed or extracted in some other way, so don't waste time and product fogging the air. 

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