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Monday October 1, 2012


Mr Pest Control


How effective is Cy-Kick CS on American roaches and what other chemicals are good to use for them?

gregory, AZ

Mr Pest Control


Cy-Kick, which is microencapsulated cyfluthrin, should have no problem killing any American roaches that it gets onto, and microencapsulated formulations offer the advantage of attaching those microscopic capsules to the cuticle of a passing arthropod. Thus, many other insecticides would also be very effective, including many other pyrethroids as well as the newer families of chemistry. 

But, I continue to pound on the idea that we should avoid total reliance on insecticides as the solution for cockroach control. Obviously, for German roaches living within a structure there are sanitation problems that should be addressed and eliminated. The roaches cannot survive if they cannot find food... Read more

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