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Tuesday July 31, 2012


Mr Pest Control


What type of spider has an hourglass shape on its back? I have tried to look up information on the internet and it either says it's the black widow, which I know has the hourglass on the belly, but other information that pops up is The Redback Spider. Is this the spider that we are seeing? I have had people tell me they have them in the Fayetteville, NC area and we have seen them in the Salisbury, NC area. I would like to know what this is exactly. Many customers only know the hourglass and if they see it on the back they call in a panic about the widow spider. I want to make sure I am knowledgable for my customers as well as myself. How are we able to control these spiders as well. Is there a website that I can get more information from?

Suzan, NC

Mr Pest Control


This is the problem with customers having just a little bit of knowledge on a topic. First, black widows are so common in California that I suspect nearly every home has a few of them hanging around, and I have been into warehouses (empty, fortunately) where a PMP killed hundreds of them. Frankly, while I will not live with widow spiders in close company their presence does not send me screaming from the home. Our phobia here in California is the Violin Spider which, interestingly enough, does NOT LIVE in Califo... Read more

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