Carpet Beetles in Odd Places

Wednesday October 17, 2012


Mr Pest Control


We have a customer who has carpet beetles coming up from the drains. Customer originally put drain gel and bleach down drains and they never went away. So, we treated the entire house outside and inside with Talstar and Demand CS. We also put a fogger in the crawlspace, but they have come back after a few days. First of all, why are carpet beetles in the drains and second what treatment would we do next? We have never had this problem so severe before. Thanks.

Mr Pest Control


Well, I guess I will start with the belief that carpet beetles, neither adults nor larvae, could possibly enter a home through the drains, meaning they could not come up from the sewer or septic system by crawling up the pipes and into the house. I have been properly corrected on American roaches before, which apparently DO have the ability to walk through the water barrier that should be there in the P-trap, but little beetles simply could not. Unless, that is, there is no water barrier due either to a lack of a P-trap or a defective P-trap that has no water in it. Even then I'm at a loss to suggest why carpet beetles would be in the pipes below. 

So, assuming that you have correctly identified these bugs as carpet beetles there must be a source for them up in the house itself, and the reason they might be getting into the drain could be to feed on accumulated mat... Read more

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