Field Mites

Wednesday October 19, 2016


Mr Pest Control


I have a customer that had a severe field mouse problem. I eliminated the mice, completed a thorough pest proofing of the structure, removed basement insulation where the mice left a lot of droppings, and sanitized the basement sills. The customer is being bitten by house mouse mites. What do you recommend as the best pesticide to help eliminate these mites?

Corey, NY

Mr Pest Control


More important than the pesticide is that you prove rodent mites are actually present by inspecting and placing sticky monitors in the areas your customer reports being bitten. If rodent mites are present, you know where to direct pesticide treatment and you’ve avoided a case of delusory parasitosis.

Pyrethrin and pyrethroid products should work fine against rodent mites. Rodent mites will use wall voids and cracks from the infested area to search for another host. Dust formulations are better for wall voids and cracks can be treated with liquid or aerosol formulations.

Mr. Pest Control

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