Crazy Ants - Finally A Proper Name?

Friday October 26, 2012


Mr Pest Control


What to use to treat rasberry crazy ants?

Louis, LA

Mr Pest Control


This ant has taken a wild ride, taxonomically speaking that is. Way back in the 1950's a new "crazy" ant was found in Florida and believed to be a species native to the West Indies, and thus is was dubbed the Caribbean Crazy Ant. Then, in 2002 in Texas another invading crazy ant appeared and was dubbed the Rasberry Crazy Ant after the PMP who brought it to the attention of Agricultural officials. Now, most recently, new studies have decided that these two ants are one and the same species and that it actually is a South American species with the Latin name Nylanderia fulva, and a proposed common name for it is The Tawny Crazy Ant. This decision may well change again, but as of a 2012 publication this is the latest and greatest thought. 

But, naming things does not help you in the field. Theproblem is not any... Read more

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