Horse "Flies" Weren't Bad Enough

Tuesday August 28, 2012


Mr Pest Control


I've been treating a 3-sided shelter that houses horses and the horse owners are complaining about wasps stinging the horses. I've dusted the voids and sprayed around the shelter with Transport Mikron, which seems to help for a few days and then the problem begins again. Any suggestions? Would some type of repellent work better? I know I'm killing the existing wasps, but within a matter of days there are more! I'm sure they are attracted by the manure.

Mr Pest Control


Two things would be important here - determining what kind of wasps these are and then finding their nests. So far it appears you are only attacking the adult wasps, and this is going to be as you have discovered, and be very short lived. You kill some adult wasps that may land on the insecticide you have applied to surfaces, but the source of the problem is going untouched. Generally speaking, wasp control is fairly cut and dry if you are able to find th... Read more

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