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Thursday May 31, 2007


Mr Pest Control


I would like to know how long you would say that a perimeter treatment with Talstar or Dragnet would last around a home, and the same thing for the non-repellent Premise 2. I know that it would depend a lot on the weather and that sunlight breaks down the treatment as well. But, in general, with fair to nice weather, how long would these general pest treatments be good for. I ask this because some folks want bi-monthly and quarterly treatments. I feel that 30 days would be the maximum residual and therefore I only offer monthly treatments. What are your thoughts, or do you know of any proven research concerning this? Thank you very much for any advice and help.

Richard W., TN

Mr Pest Control


My answer is going to be filled with personal opinions, and hopefully some insightful thoughts. First though, at a recent NPMA convention one speaker (a very well known university researcher) compared the effectiveness of various insecticides, and made the comment that 3 weeks was probably about as long as you could expect any of the pyrethroids to last around the exterior. While they are not nearly as susceptible to breakdown and degradation from UV light, water, heat, or soil alkalinity as their predescessors the organophosphates, their molecules still degrade fairly rapidly when exposed to the environment. Honestly, this is a GOOD thing. Those of us who remember chlordane will recall that one of the reasons it made anti-pesticide people nervous was because it was so stable in the environment. They don't like "toxic" things hanging around for very long.

How long a chemical molecule will last varies widely. The Dragnet (permethrin) placed in the soil under a concrete slab may continue to have an effective residual for many years. That same chemical applied to a sidewalk in the sun could degrade within days or a week or two. This becomes our double-edged sword. On the one hand, if we have products that... Read more

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