Pyrethroid Concerns Again

Saturday July 21, 2012


Mr Pest Control


Can you please name some other products that are similar to EcoSmart's lineup? I was told by one of their reps that because of the excessive moisture in western Washington he did not think their line was the best choice for my area.....suprised me. I also question the residual of these "greener" pesticides and prefer the cold, hard "facts" on this. I like independent studies that are not connected to the manufacturers. I am not sold on my kitchen spice rack as pesticides. With respect to the new labeling of pyrethroids, labeling now calls for no spraying in the rain or if it is going to rain. Have we now stepped into forecasting? In western WA when does it not rain?

Mr Pest Control


We'll address these as two separate issues, and I share some of your concerns. I am often asked "how long" a particular active ingredient or group of them will last and always sidestep the answer to the best of my ability. The length of residual of any active ingredient is just too variable depending on many environmental conditions - heat, moisture, pH, concentration when applied, kind of surface, exposure to UV light, sanitation issues, etc. When the "EcoSmart" product line was first introduced to our industry we were told by the manufacturer that the active ingredient (hexa-hydroxyl) would last as long as the synthetic pyrethroids do. Whether or not this is true I really do not know, but my feeling is that most of the tree oils and other Botanical insecticides should be considered as contact activity with a very... Read more

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