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Friday August 19, 2016


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How should a PMP deal with the need to move appliances in a home in order to inspect, place traps, close holes, etc.? On one hand, we want to solve our customer's problems causing them the least amount of stress. On the other hand, we don't want to be liable for appliance damage or injuries sustained in the process.

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PMPs need to move appliances in order to manage cockroaches and rodents effectively in kitchens. It’s often possible to move refrigerators and ovens without a problem. When we can move an appliance, we should. However, sometimes an appliance is too heavy, moving it will damage the floor or its utility connections are too short. When it becomes apparent that we can’t move an appliance without hurting ourselves or causing damage, then we shouldn’t. At this point, arrange with the building manager or homeowner to have a handyman or an appliance repairman move or disconnect the appliance. This is how a dishwasher would be handled. The customer may get upset about having to take an additional step, but they’ll also be upset if their property is damaged. Be sure to document that the pest cannot be managed effectively without moving the appliance.

One way to avoid this situation is to become familiar with moving and disconnecting appliances properly. This can be offered as an additional service. When new appliances are delivered, there's often an additional charge to connect the appliances to water or gas utilities. It would not be unreasonable to charge for this type of service.

Mr. Pest Control

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