Roaches Are Forever

Thursday December 13, 2007


Mr Pest Control


What's the best technique to kill German roaches. I've tried with Advion, Intruder, and wettable powders. They seem to come back.

Mr Pest Control


The German Roach isn't the most successful pest roach in the world by accident. It is a survivor, and likely will be around to laugh at us when humans disappear from the planet. They can be very adaptable in a structure, but not invincible. I think we really can accept that pesticide resistance is not a major factor at this time, even though it does exist in some roach populations for some kinds of insecticides. However, for the majority of our commonly used products, if you put the roach and the active ingredient together for a proper length of time..... the roach is toast. If the proper concentration of a.i. is present on a surface, and the roach sits on that surface for a few hours, it certainly should absorb enough of that a.i. to cause its death, and the products you mention would be as effective as any.

When you have this lingering cockroach problem I think that one of two things is hap... Read more

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