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Tuesday April 29, 2008


Mr Pest Control


What is the best product to control weeds in flower and shrub beds in east central Florida?

Mr Pest Control


Without having a specific kind of weed in mind your question becomes a bit hard to answer without some discussion. In Florida you are blessed with so many different kinds of weeds, including a wide variety of sedges and a year-round growing season, that we may only talk in general terms. Identification of the species of weeds, or at least their family grouping, is important. Once you know what you are dealing with you can better understand their growth characteristics. For example, are these weeds perennials or annuals? Does their growth initiate from underground parts such as rhizomes or roots, or do they start their new growth only from seeds? Are they grasses or broadleaves, or those nasty sedges that look like grasses but biologically are not? Are you going to have to treat over the top of existing desirable plants, or is there bare soil around the bases of the flowers and shrubs you need to protect?

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