Got Gophers, No Mounds

Thursday November 1, 2012


Mr Pest Control


I have a customer that is having a gopher problem, but does not have any of the typical "horseshoe" mounds. She only has "feeding holes" made by the gopher in the grass area. Is there a proper way to treat these or to find the main run? I am using a "gopher getter jr." probe with strychnine bait.

Dennis, CA

Mr Pest Control


If this definitely is a gopher creating that hole and feeding damage on the grass then there just have to be soil mounds around the area somewhere, and probably nearby. All of that tunneling that the gopher did to reach this lawn area to feed has created excess soil that the gopher must remove from the burrow system, so even if the mound is hidden under some shrubs or is on the other side of the fence it just has to exist. I'd take a peek over the f... Read more

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