Unwanted Spiders

Saturday September 29, 2012


Mr Pest Control


I have in my own house problems with Daddy long legs. I find them often in all the rooms? How do I control these pesky pests?

Marcus F., FL

Mr Pest Control


There are two kinds of spiders that we call daddy long legs (DLL). One is the "true" DLL and it is not a true spider, but instead is a related arachnid called a Harvestman. This one is not venomous and does not make webs, but only wanders around feeding on live or dead insects. It has a fatter body than the other kind, which is the daddy long legs "spider", more properly referred to as a Cellar Spider. This one is the messier kind, with dense webs that gather a lot of dust and left over pieces of bugs, and probably is the one most responsible for the "cob webs" inside homes and under the eaves outside. I suspect this is the DLL you are referring to as it is the more common kind indoors. And, by the way, the MYTH that the DLL has the most toxic venom of all spiders is just that, a myth. Apparently th... Read more

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