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Monday August 13, 2012


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According to Cornell, Michigan State, Oregon State and our own U.C. Davis under info quoted in their "Environmental Fate" paragraph on Pyrethroids they state that "Bifenthrin does NOT move in soils with large amounts of organic matter, clay and silt. It has low mobility in sandy soils that are low in organic matter. Bifenthrin is relatively insoluble in water, so there are no concerns about ground water contamination through leaching." From the Calif. Dept. of Pesticide Regulation we are told "Since water is polar, Bifenthrin has a low solubility and correspondingly strong tendency to bind to soil". I'm a bit puzzled then, as to why the dramatic label issues regarding pyrethroids.

Mr Pest Control


I agree that it is frustrating each time we have tools or some of their uses taken from us in pest management. But, I have to recognize that this is inevitable and will always happen as our government and our country make the effort to move to lower use of toxic substances. I think overall this is a good thing to try to accomplish, and if we can provide the same quality of needed pest management with less use of toxic substances that should be our goal and our role. In the case of the new restrictive wording on synthetic pyrethroids most of the statements seem to be fairly reasonable, and if they were based on good science and accurate conclusions then perhaps it is a good thing that we now must us... Read more

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