Mysterious Ghosts

Friday November 11, 2016


Mr Pest Control


We seem to be having more of an issue with ghost ants lately. Making the best with what is available seems to be a concern. With all the new things available for ants, it seems even more confusing. We have a standard procedure of using sweet baits to eliminate ghost ants but callbacks this year seem to be more. We also use a non-repellent residual on the exterior, one foot up and one foot out. Perhaps I am getting too technical, but when we're placing baits inside, it seems that we are attracting ants from all over as the customers say they are seeing more than ever. Should we be using all non-repellent residuals inside and outside? Someone has to have a formula that actually works to combat these guys. Normally baiting with a sweet bait works wonders but you have to leave enough of the product there for ants to feed on. But we don’t want to bait so that ants from next door are coming to get that bait. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

Emil, FL

Mr Pest Control


When ants find a bait, they recruit more ants from their own colony to feed on the bait. You don’t really have to worry that you’re attracting ants from other colonies as that territory is already occupied. However, baits openly applied indoors can be a problem for customers when they see more ants. The solution lies in following the ants back to where they came from.

Ghost ants are either nesting in an interior void or, in South Florida, nesting outdoors. If they take you back to a wall, check to see if they are trailing on the exterior. If not, they are probably nesting in the wall void. Applying a non-repellent dust or aerosol to the wall void is perfect for this situation. If you find them trailing outside, try to follow the trail back to a nest, which you can treat with a non-repellent product. If you can’t find the nest, you can at least treat the trail. All of these will have an effect on the ants that are seen indoors without having to rely so heavily on baits. The key is to have ants to follow. If there are no ants when you arrive, whatever you try will be a shot in the dark.

Mr. Pest Control

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