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Tuesday July 3, 2012


Mr Pest Control


Can you explain the role PCOs play in providing service to businesses that participate in the LEED program? Do PCOs become LEED certified or can any company perform service (for credit to the client) as long as that service adheres to LEED guidelines? Lastly, where can these guidelines be found? Thank you for such a great site!

Dylan, NC

Mr Pest Control


The LEED program stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and it is offered by a private corporation called the United States Green Building Council, or USGBC. Their purpose is to certify "Green" buildings, whether commercial or residential, and the complete details on their program can be found on their website at www.usgbc.org. 

It is only the building that becomes LEED certified as a green building, and people do NOT become LEED certified. However, a PMP can have a very important role to play for the owners of that building in their effort to compile enough "points" to reach the higher levels of certification, and in this role the PMP can become a "Green Associate" by taking an exam that tests his knowledge on this program. Having this title adds credibility to that PMP that he is familiar with the standards and the needs of a building owner seeking certification and helps get the foot in the door to be a consultant in the area of pest management in that building. In reality any company could be involved, but having some title in hand is bound to help put you above the rest. 

Within the various areas of a LEED certification a building and its owners must take the presence of pests and their filthy excretions and other health hazards into account. These are well known to be unhealthy for employees to be exposed to, so preventing the presence of insect and rodent and bird pests is important. The overall program also takes into account such things as energy efficiency, recycling, discreet use of resources, etc., and as they accomplish the goals in each area they are given "points". One point is awarded in the area of "Indoor and Environmental Quality", which includes prevention of pest problems. Four points are available in the area of "Innovations in Operation" which may include efficient landscape watering, pest exclusion, and other areas of environmental performance not specifically mandated by the LEED program. The intelligent PMP can help to establish how these innovations are done for a building and help gain those valuable points for the owner. 

Every "point" is cherished by the owner seeking LEED certification at the highest level possible - Gold and Platinum being the two highest levels, and a couple of additional points might mean the difference between one or the other. 

Mr. Pest Control

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