A Matter of Ethics?

Monday August 20, 2012


Mr Pest Control


I have been wondered whether pesticides applied in one might redirect bugs to another yard. For example, if ants are trailing along the lower part of a home and they are simply sprayed, but their home is in a nearby bush or a fence line, would you feel it is irresponsible to spray and cause the ants to move next door or elsewhere? I think it's an ethical issue and that the cost of pest control is based on protecting a structure from invasion, not killing all bugs on the property that then have the potential to spread to the neighborhood. But, would you consider this repel-them-away example unethical? I have had quite a few customers who seem to have bugs coming from an area I am not legally permitted to spray, sometimes only from a few feet away. I strongly believe in treating people respectfully and I am curious about whether or not the repel-em-and-leave-them approach is something I would want done to myself if I was that client's neighbor. Would you propose that the most simple thing is to try to eliminate the ants through trail-following? This would take more time and thus would need to cost more.

Christopher, FL

Mr Pest Control


Well, this is an interesting question, and obviously my response is going to be entirely an opinion, but hopefully I can base that opinion on some worthwhile reasons. Lets compare your concern with the ants with some other pests, and even bring up the topic of low-impact or Green pest management. We are offered many kinds of animal repellents, whether it is for birds, rodents, snakes, etc., and in fact the world is full of the totally ineffective ultrasonic repelling devices that are touted as so environmentally friendly because all they do is cause pests to leave the home and stay outside. Now, even if this did work in that manner, which they do not, the result for the pest would be to lose ... Read more

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