Meal Moths - A Forever Thing?

Thursday October 25, 2012


Mr Pest Control


I service an ethnic supermarket with an ongoing issue with Indian Meal Moth. We install some traps with lures every now and then, but would like to take care of this issue for good. I've asked them to clean all of their shelves in the store and they did (more or less). I suggested they contact their supplier because that may be the actual source, but they don't want to go this far because they have more than one supplier for their orders. What do you suggest I do next?

Mathieu, ON

Mr Pest Control


Indian Meal Moths (IMM) are our most common stored foods moth pest, and one reason is because of their diverse food choices. In addition to just about any food material based on grains they also infest nuts, dried fruit, powdered milk, candy bars for the chocolate or nuts in them, pet foods, bird seed, spices including peppers, rodent bait, and even dried flowers. They may even infest fresh fruits if they can find slightly damaged areas. They breed rapidly, with females producing around 300 eggs, and the larvae are very mobile, often leaving the infested food and wandering throughout a structure to find the perfect place to pupate. All of this makes it more difficult to isolate the problem and they may be infesting a multitude of packages. 

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