There's A New Moth In Town

Saturday July 7, 2012


Mr Pest Control


I have been treating a lot of webbing clothes moth jobs lately and there seems to be a surge of them for some reason. Any ideas why? There also is a new moth ID'd as a brown house moth. I was told it is a new pest to the area. What can you enlighten me with about this moth? I was told a total fumigation needs to be performed to eradicate this pest. Thanks - knowledge is a wonderful thing.

Mr Pest Control


Well Bill, first I'd like to comment on your final thought, and agree that we should never stop learning. This is one reason this industry is so fascinating, as new pests and new ideas come along all the time, and since our business is Customer Service the more we know about our jobs and our industry the better we can Serve the Customer. And, this also allows us to help THEM to understand our business accurately, rather than the load of inaccurate stuff available on the internet and from biased media sources. 

First on the clothes moth. It's always hard to know why any pest has these surges and declines in their abundance. Outdoors we can take the easy road and blame the weather, but this often is a c... Read more

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