Ambient Flies

Wednesday April 12, 2017


Mr Pest Control


The scenario is an outdoor Jamaican restaurant on resort grounds near a beach. The flies are moderate until fish is served. Ambiance is a huge factor to management who wants a real Caribbean experience for customers. Fly sticks and fly bags are not an option because they are ugly and must be changed too often. The management only allows an insect light trap in the small indoor food prep area and permethrin applications to surrounding foliage. They will not allow fly baits because they are concerned the flies will spread pesticides to customer’s food. Do you have any suggestions for air circulation when the wind is calm or systems that emit products into the air to deter flies?


Mr Pest Control


Fans can help prevent flies from landing on food and are common in outdoor restaurants. Surprisingly, there are metered aerosols labeled for use in food-handling establishments. However, they are for indoor use only and the management already has concerns about food contamination. Unfortunately, they are limiting themselves with this concern. EPA-registered pesticides have label directions that reduce non-target risk as much as possible. As long as a product’s label is followed, the concern is not really necessary. There are several fly bait products labeled for food-handling areas that could really help with the problem, most with quick enough knockdown that food contamination is even less of an issue.

Mr. Pest Control

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