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Monday August 29, 2016


Mr Pest Control


We have a customer who has hired us two different times to remedy rat mites. The first time, one and a half years ago, they canceled after a few months when the lady said she had no more problems. They came back on service two months ago and she is upset that she is (according to her) still being bitten by rat mites. We have never seen actual specimens of rat mites although we caught quite a few rats under the structure. We are applying the same products as before, Cimexa and Temprid SC, except for diatomaceous earth. Please advise.

Ronald, AZ

Mr Pest Control


You have to know that the alarm bells went off while reading, “We have never seen actual specimens of rat mites…” After dealing with enough cases of delusory parasitosis (DP), I am immovable in my stance against treating for “bites” without a confirming specimen. Only a handful of cases left such an impression on me that an elderly woman can cry to me about her doctor diagnosing her with “bites” and I will not budge. The major lesson I learned was once I treat the problem, I own the problem. Someone with DP is never going to find relief from any treatment provided. A long cycle of treatment and dissatisfaction often ends with the PMP giving the customer their money back and walking away.

My advice is to place sticky traps in the areas she believes rat mites are biting her. If rat mites are caught, then you’ll know where to direct treatment. If not, you may need to consider walking away.

Mr. Pest Control

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