That Springtime Nemesis

Tuesday June 29, 2010


Mr Pest Control


We are having a difficult time with what looks like springtails, but they do not spring or jump at all. We find them on patios and in bathroom tubs and toilets. Do they come through the drains? Any idea how to control them?

Ben, ID

Mr Pest Control


I will bet these still are springtails, even though they may be a species that does not have that prolonged "furcula" that enables many kinds to jump. Some of the more primitive kinds are very slow moving and do not leap, but they still are springtails. These critters have always been called insects, but the latest taxonomy has chosen to place them in a separate Class that is closely related, but different from insects.

Late spring and early summer typically give us fits on springtails, and this year has been no different. I get emails nearly every day about them from all over the U.S.. In homes they often do seem... Read more

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