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Monday October 3, 2016


Mr Pest Control


How long after a German cockroach treatment with pyrethrins/pyrethroids, PBO and IGRs can we apply bait and place pheromone traps as a follow up treatment?


Mr Pest Control


I think it's an odd approach to treat for German cockroaches first and then monitor later. Especially because the initial treatment includes highly repellent products that will scatter the roaches from areas they normally prefer to inhabit. It’s like dropping a bomb on a neighborhood and then taking a census of the buildings. Reversing the order of your treatments will be more effective.

First, inspect the account to find the sites where roaches are concentrated. These are the areas where treatment should be directed, preferably with a non-repellent product so the roaches don’t scatter. Then place monitors in these areas and throughout the account to monitor the treatment progress and movement of roaches in the account during follow-ups.

Because it’s important to keep tabs on the roaches, I don’t recommend repellent products unless there is a small pocket of roaches that needs to be knocked down quickly, maybe due to visibility. Starting off with guns blazing often leads to chasing the tail of the infestation.

Mr. Pest Control

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