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  • Sun Jul 22 2012

    Wascally Wabbits

    How do I get rid of rabbits in the backyard? They are eating up the grass.
    Submitted by Aurelio, CA

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  • Thu Apr 2 2009

    Rabbits Got The Munchies

    Rabbits? Is there any chemical that one can spray on or powder to place on the ground for small trees or shrubs that will discourage rabbits from eating them. I know a shotgun works real good, but not where I live. Thanks for your time. Chris
    Submitted by Chris, SK

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  • Sun Jul 23 2006

    The Rabbits Are Out of the Cages

    I have a customer - a zoo in downtown Chicago - with a rabbit problem. There has been an increased number of outside rabbits on the zoo grounds that are causing destruction to the plants, etc. How can they effectively remove them without causing damage to foliage or other zoo animals?
    Submitted by Sheri, IL

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