Fleas As Carry Out

Wednesday March 6, 2013


Mr Pest Control


Fleas in a motel room. The man has used most all of the over the counter products available. When he opened a plastic trash bag with clean clothes in it the flea problem started all over again. Ideas? Doesn't washing and drying clothes get rid of fleas on clothes?

Mr Pest Control


Well, the good news, I suppose, is that flea control is back on our schedule after a bit of an absence some years back. The bad news is that we have to learn once again how to control this pest, and usually it is fairly cut and dry. But, sometimes these oddball things show up. I assume this must be an "extended stay" type of motel room where this person has been for awhile. You have kind of thrown me off with your comment linking the trash bag and its contents with an apparent re-appearance of the fleas, so we'll have to investigate that. The many over-the-counter products are more often than not things like total release aerosols ("bomb") that could be expected to fail as often as not. However, he may also have used one or more of the directed-spray aerosols, such as our Precor 2000 or Ultracide, and th... Read more

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