Cicada Killer Killer

Monday September 12, 2016


Mr Pest Control


What is the best way to get rid of cicada killer wasps in a yard? We have treated the holes and treated the ground where they are located.

Tom, GA

Mr Pest Control


Dusting the burrow openings is the most effective thing to do. The wasps will contact the dust when they return to the burrows and die. However, treatment is not going to prevent other cicada killers from exploring the property, especially if it’s a high season for them and there are plenty of sandy patches in sunny areas.

Pesticide applications probably won’t prevent cicada killers from exploring sandy patches. If your customer doesn’t want to see cicada killers at all, covering the sandy patches with grass or mulch or continually wetting them until the season is over will make the property unattractive for burrowing.

Mr. Pest Control

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