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Tuesday September 25, 2012


Mr Pest Control


What is the main difference between Onslaught Microencapsulated and Onslaught Fast Cap? The label for Fastcap says the target pests are spiders and scorpions, but we like the Microencapsulated for fleas. How will it compare for fleas? Should we switch or stay with the original, and why? Thank you

kevin, IN

Mr Pest Control


Onslaught Fast Cap is still a microencapsulated formulation, so if that is a major consideration then either product still fits the bill. The difference is in the active ingredients. The original Onslaught contains only the pyrethroid esfenvalerate, which is a perfectly good active. But, according to the manufacturer MGK, they felt there was a need for the long residual and effectiveness of the microencapsulated pyrethroid along with a faster knockdown, and they specifically target spiders and scorpions in thei... Read more

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