Correcting Some Misunderstandings?

Wednesday October 3, 2012


Mr Pest Control


I have just started to service a restaurant with relatively minor pest issues, but they will not allow me to service when there is any food present, giving me only a small window of opportunity for when I can perform the service. I wanted to get some expert advice on this before pleading my case. I feel that I am experienced and trained enough to know how to treat a restaurant without contaminating any food. My company's standard is to stick mostly to IPM procedures, including inspection, small amounts of boric acid dust, and monitors in most cases. We typically do not use liquids or aerosols and definitely do not fog.

Kyle, NM

Mr Pest Control


Ultimately the customer is going to get their way, but I wonder if there are some issues here that you can dig out and discuss with this customer. Perhaps they have had some bad experiences with previous pest control companies and that feeling is carrying over to you and what you will provide. It may simply be a misunderstanding on their part of what you actually do for your program. People can pick up impressions of service industries and have a hard time letting them go. In this case perhaps this customer has just heard or read horror stories about bad pest control services and now expects that this is the normal way our industry operates. It sounds like you, however, are on the right tr... Read more

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