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Wednesday August 31, 2016


Mr Pest Control


Is there a product with quick knockdown for German cockroaches that can be used in commercial kitchens? I have some clients where the infestation is persistently overwhelming. The other half of my clients where I used the same products have complete elimination. Some of the common denominators are old buildings and aluminum paneling. Sanitation is not too bad, but trying to get the night clean-up crews to buy into being obsessive-compulsive is impossible. The restaurant owners persistent complaint is my medicine does not work.

Sam, CA

Mr Pest Control


There are plenty of products with quick knockdown of German cockroaches that can be applied in commercial kitchens. However, I don’t think lack of knockdown is the problem; knockdown itself may be the problem. Treating German cockroach infestations with repellent products requires a high level of thoroughness to make sure all the cockroaches are actually dying and some are not just scattering in different directions to re-establish themselves. The more repellent products are applied, the harder it tends to be to find cockroach harborages. They end up being everywhere, especially in large infestations.

Try using non-repellent products and focus on direct application to cockroach harborages. German cockroach treatments don’t fail because great products are not available. They usually fail because some harborages are not located, which has much to do with how well a location is being inspected and monitored.

Also, consider backing off the cleaning crew. It’s not realistic to expect perfect sanitation in a commercial kitchen. While it may help manage the infestation, not having it shouldn’t prevent management unless clutter is the main sanitation issue. Demanding it also frustrates the customer, especially when an improvement in sanitation doesn’t result in an improvement in the infestation. A clean kitchen may have German cockroaches and a dirty kitchen may not. It has more to do with which kitchen gets an introduction and doesn’t have it managed quickly and properly.

Mr. Pest Control

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