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  • Tue Feb 24 2015

    Coach or First Class?

    How do we control centipedes in a passenger plane?
    Submitted by Ann, HI

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  • Mon Nov 5 2012

    Adapted to the Dry

    On rare occasions I am confronted by clusters of centipedes. My question is how in this usually very dry climate (Nevada) do these moisture loving insects appear, seemingly out of nowhere? Secondly, are they always present and are just waiting for some moisture like a pipe leak to make their presence felt?
    Submitted by susan, NV

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  • Tue Mar 6 2012

    Ninety Nine Thump

    Is there a difference between a centipede and a millipede?
    Submitted by Jodi

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  • Wed Sep 8 2010

    All Those Feet And They Still Trip And Fall

    I have a commercial account that has centipedes falling from a false ceiling. There are no trees around the structure, have you ever heard of this and what suggestions do you have for treatment?
    Submitted by Manny, AZ

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  • Wed Sep 23 2009

    Foot Loose And Lots of Them

    I am looking for some ways to control centipedes. Could you help me?
    Submitted by Mario, CA

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  • Mon Sep 14 2009

    More Than 6 Legs And Creepy

    I'm a Technician in Arizona, and would like to know the best product to use on exterior treatments that will kill scorpions and centipedes. What's the best application technique? Thank you.
    Submitted by adan, AZ

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  • Sat Aug 4 2007

    The More Legs The More Places To Go

    I have an account with 450 units, with low rises and one high rise. In one of the low rises, on the top floor, there has been a chronic situation with centipedes. It is the only unit with the problem. The moisture conditions are the same as the other units, with no mildew or mold. I cannot understand why this unit is experiencing this problem.
    Submitted by William, MA

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