Catching Mouse-dini

Wednesday March 8, 2017


Mr Pest Control


I have a situation where a mouse has been able to escape my glue traps and avoid activating my snap traps. What alternate methods can I use?

Claudio, CA

Mr Pest Control


If by escaping a glue trap, you mean the mouse pried itself off the trap, you’re going to have a hard time catching the mouse with glue traps again because it learned a valuable lesson to stay away from them. For your first attempt, I would have suggested using several thick glue trays positioned end to end in front of the opening the mouse runs in and out of. You may still be able to catch the mouse this way since they don’t tend to pay attention when they’re running a familiar route. If you’re trying to catch the mouse away from this point, I suggest multiple-catch mouse traps instead of snap traps.

Mr. Pest Control

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