A Bed Bug Protocol

Saturday October 1, 2011


Mr Pest Control


Do you feel the following company protocol for bed bug inspection and treatment is appropriate? Rooms have to be treated 3 times (our standard requirement) on the First day, Second day and after a week. If our specialists do not find out any evidence of bed bugs after this period the room may be rented and occupied again. From our experience, over 90% of infested rooms can be occupied after 7 days. If bed bugs and evidence of their presence are still found a fourth treatment will be required, with no extra charge as we have a 3 months onward guarantee. We suggest the rooms be held empty for another 3 days for the fourth treatment in this case.

Mr Pest Control


It is difficult to say that any single protocol is the proper one for bed bug management. I would say that if this procedure is working for your company then it probably is a good protocol to have in place. The only way to ensure that ALL bed bugs and their eggs are dead after a single treatment would be to perform a full-structure fumigation or heat treatment, and these would have to be done properly as well. Heat treatments done incorrectly may even spread the bed bugs to other areas of a structure. Even the use of freezing is done spot by spo... Read more

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