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  • Mon Jun 16 2014

    Timing is Everything

    We seem to be getting bombarded with millipedes. I have communicated to my customers the importance of keeping moist organic material away from the home and have tried a multitude of products. Of the few that have been successful, granular and dust formulations worked best. Are there any green products that are recommended? Also, which dusts are highly repellent?
    Submitted by Khari, GA

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  • Tue Apr 1 2014

    What the Duff?

    Do you have any information on duff millipedes? Do any products have duff millipedes on the label?
    Submitted by Dwayne, CO

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  • Tue Apr 2 2013

    Too Many Legs to Manage?

    What is the best product to use for Millipede control? It seems all of a sudden we are being invaded with millipedes in far greater numbers than the past year. I have not found a product that provides high effectiveness for millipedes. Is Talstar an effective product for use inside and around the perimeter?
    Submitted by Pat, TX

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  • Fri Oct 12 2012

    Thousand Leggers

    How do I get rid of millipedes in the home? They seem to be dropping from the attic. And what do I use to treat the inside and outside?
    Submitted by Gary, FL

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  • Mon Apr 4 2011

    The More Legs The Better We Crawl

    I have a nursing facility that has continous problems with millipedes during the summer months. These pests die just inside their exit doors. Is there a product that will keep them outside and kill them prior to them getting into the bldg? I used to use Ficam Plus, and that worked very well, but we no longer can use that product. Please advise if you have any good alternatives.
    Submitted by Randy, NY

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  • Sun Jul 18 2010

    Eight Legs or A Hundred, They Come On In

    What is a good protocol for controlling spiders and millipedes in and around homes? What IPM measures must be taken? What are the correct formulations to be used? Thank you!
    Submitted by Marcus F., FL

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  • Fri Jul 2 2010

    A Thousand Legs And Everywhere

    Ive got an account with a very heavy infestation of millipedes. They are everywhere from the ground(basement level) to the roof line (3rd floor). I have treated inside plumbing areas with Delta dust and around the perimeter with Suspend SC. It's been almost a week and nothing is getting any better. I treated about 2 ft up the house and about 1 ft out. Any ideas on how to get better and quicker ...
    Submitted by Michael, GA

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  • Fri Sep 25 2009

    Millipedes Are Forever

    What is the best treatment for a millipede infestation that has been treated with Demand, Tri-Die dust, and Intice granules, and still persists?
    Submitted by Scott, WA

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  • Thu Jun 18 2009

    Thousand Leggers

    Submitted by Mike, SC

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  • Sat May 30 2009

    Thousands of Legs and Big Headaches

    We are having a large influx of millipedes this year. One particular house I have seems to be from some kind of horror movie. We have treated the inside and out with Optigard, put Niban granules around the foundation, which is SERIOUSLY OVERGROWN, and have advised the homeowner to get the vegetation cut away and cleaned up. However,the tenant is freaking out and has moved to a motel until the p...
    Submitted by Pat, TX

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  • Mon Apr 14 2008

    A Thousand Annoying Legs

    I have a client with a major millipede problem. I am the third company she will be using, but these millipedes are different from the ones I have ever seen before - twice as long and twice the thickness. I looked on a chart and they are millipedes, so what recommendation and chemical is best for eradication? Thanks - Peter
    Submitted by Peter, FL

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  • Tue Nov 7 2006

    A Multi-Pedal Migration

    I'm having trouble with Millipedes. A customer has thousands around and in his crawl space. I have tried several products but can't get the control I'm looking for. Do you have any suggestions?
    Submitted by mark, TN

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  • Sat Oct 2 2004

    A Multi-Legged Problem

    Hello. I need your help with this one. We service a nursing home and we are getting a lot of millipede like pests that are getting into this one apartment. The problem seems to appear in the evening and is not bad during the day. The land surrounding this place is a moist area with a healthy fertilized lawn. I am looking to do a night inspection at this place and find out if these are reall...
    Submitted by Randy, NY

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  • Tue Oct 21 2003

    Stopping the Millipedes

    What product works the best for millipedes? I have one home that gets huge numbers inside, and we've used Tempo both as an interior baseboard spray and as a perimeter spray outside.
    Submitted by John, IA

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  • Tue Mar 11 2003

    Messing with Millipedes

    What are the best types of millipede control methods and least dangerous ones to the end user and customer?
    Submitted by Casey, AL

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  • Fri Sep 6 2002

    Millipede Madness

    What are your suggestions in controlling an infestation of west indies millipedes from getting in a house?
    Submitted by Maria, FL

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