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  • Wed Nov 6 2013

    Get ‘Em While They’re Right in Front of You

    Boxelder bugs are a real problem for a lot of my customers here. They get all over the sunny sides of their houses, all the way up to the second and third story, inside windows and anywhere their pesky little bodies will allow. Is there any effective way to control them?
    Submitted by Jake, WA

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  • Fri Jun 28 2013

    How to Put Cane Toads to Sleep

    I have been having problems with toads. They are killing customer’s dogs, especially puppies. We have heard about using moth balls in the garden, but they are not really effective. Are there any chemicals that we can use?
    Submitted by Gijs

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  • Tue May 8 2012

    Florida - Where Livin' Is Easy - For Pests

    What are the big tree frogs in Florida called?
    Submitted by Desi, FL

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  • Fri Aug 5 2011

    Tumbling Toads?

    Recently a customer asked me how to get rid of toads in his house. The rear enclosed patio is 4 feet below ground level and, according to him, has a drain on the floor. There are no leaks in the wall that expose the soil, but some mornings he will find toads on the concrete floor. What would be your reasoning behind the toad invasions?
    Submitted by james, OH

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  • Sun Sep 30 2007

    Home Is Where You Make It

    My technicians are complaining that they are finding a lot of frogs and slugs inside the rat bait stations. Is there something we can do to prevent this or keep them away?
    Submitted by Herbert, CA

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  • Wed Jul 11 2007

    Bop The Frog

    Scenario: Customer called in and said they were having a major problem with frogs getting into their upstairs bathroom. They have caught 4-5 in and around the toilet. What can be done? Inspection is pending. We will let you know results. Thought you might want to hear a weird one. Just imagine, your're there shall we say taking care of business. When three frogs begin to sing that all famil...
    Submitted by Len, GA

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  • Tue Oct 31 2006

    A Keep Out Sign for Kermit

    We got a phone call yesterday about frogs. A homeowner has killed 25 frogs in 22 days, and I caught 10 frogs in 5 minutes. Will Ro-Pel keep the frogs out of the home. We think they are coming through the doggy door. Thank you Tim
    Submitted by Tim, ID

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  • Wed Sep 17 2003

    Frog Control

    How do you get rid of frogs,tree frogs, without killing them. And if you have to kill them, whats the best product to use?
    Submitted by Mark, MS

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