Dead Rodent Disposal

Sunday July 15, 2012


Mr Pest Control


What is the correct way to dispose of dead rats? Thank you.

Marcus F., FL

Mr Pest Control


Well, this is actually a really good question, and as usual my answer is not going to be a short one. There are just too many variables here not to cover some of them. The first is that gathering and disposing of dead or dying rodents that are the result of your rodent control work is often MANDATORY - you don't have a choice and must do it because most rodent bait Labels state that you are to do so. If it is on the label then it is the law, and leaving dead rodents behind would be a violation, not to mention must bad customer service. This is one reason that baiting indoors has drawbacks, as rodents very likely will die in an inaccessible place (wall void, far reaches of the attic) and be there for flies to breed in and for odors to dev... Read more

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