Do Residuals Really Kill Bed Bugs?

Tuesday March 5, 2013


Mr Pest Control


Have you come across peer-reviewed research journal articles testing the so-called residual effect chemicals have on bed bugs? I understand the dust and DE residual effect if bed bugs walk through this, but have a harder time wrapping my mind around chemical solutions having a residual effect. As far as I know, bed bugs aren't thigmotropic in the true sense as are some species of cockroaches. Ideas?

Mr Pest Control


Let's address this in 2 parts, the first being the habits of The Common Bed Bug. I will take some passages from the great book "Bed Bug Handbook" by Pinto, Cooper, and Kraft, which is must reading for anyone who wants to be successful in controlling this difficult pest. They state here that bed bugs "prefer' to "cluster in narrow cracks and crevices made of rough material and prefer dark areas". They "prefer to squeeze together shoulder to shoulder inside a harborage site, packed together along with their droppings, shed skins, eggs, and debris". And, they typically spend more than 90% of their life within such a tight harborage. 

So, in this respect, while they may not necessarily be labeled as thigmotropic, a behavior in which they like the feel of surfaces above and below, they certainly are closely tied to these same kinds of tight crevices and companionship. It also may be the case that some individual... Read more

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