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  • Thu Jul 7 2016

    Party Crashers

    I have a client that is having a backyard party in two days and wants to have the June beetles treated before the party. What product would be best and where should it be applied?
    Submitted by sid, CA

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  • Fri Dec 18 2015

    Have Mandibles, May Bite

    I was told that ladybugs (beetles) bite. Is this correct?
    Submitted by WILLIE, CA

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  • Tue Sep 2 2014

    Variety is the Spice of Beetles

    How should spice beetles around windows located in a kitchen area be controlled?
    Submitted by DENNIS, FL

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  • Wed Jul 16 2014

    Feathers in the Attic

    My customer was seeing small bugs the size of grain beetles with black hair. I tracked them to a dead pigeon in the attic. I removed the pigeon and my customer is still seeing the bugs seven days later. I cannot identify this bug therefore I do not know what else I can do. Please tell me what you think. What is this bug?
    Submitted by Paxton, FL

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  • Fri Jun 27 2014

    Find Them First

    What’s the best way to treat for carpet beetles inside of a 1,500 sq. ft. mobile home? What’s the best product to use?
    Submitted by nathan, CA

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  • Thu Jan 23 2014

    Where’s the Carpet?

    I have identified carpet beetles coming up from the baseboard inside my home. Every morning I wake up to find 15-20 new carpet beetles in the area. This area of my home is tile and has no carpet or rugs anywhere. I have tried spraying repellents and even Demand CS. They have persisted for four months now and I cannot get rid of them. Please help! I am a pest control technician by professi...
    Submitted by Travis, NM

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  • Thu Nov 7 2013

    Everything but the Kitchen Sink Beetles

    I have a customer that indicates he has millions of adult drugstore beetles coming out of the kitchen sink drain. Is it possible that they breed there? If so, how would one treat it?
    Submitted by Carmen, CA

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  • Fri Sep 27 2013

    Polyester Pant Suits Are Safe

    We have recently found an infestation of carpet beetles in a house without any carpet. What makes it even more strange is the beetles were found behind a refrigerator inside an electric outlet. What could be the cause of this and what is the best method of control? Should we be looking for an infestation in any other areas of the home?
    Submitted by Kevin, GA

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  • Fri Jun 14 2013

    Sawtooth’s In The Name, But They Don’t Eat Wood

    My customer has a sawtoothed grain beetle infestation upstairs in his two story house. There is no food stored upstairs. He has three bedrooms, two baths and hardwood floors that he installed in August 2012. Could they be coming from there?
    Submitted by Vince, CA

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  • Sat Mar 30 2013

    Keeping the Carpet Beetles Away

    I have a new customer who needs to know if there is any simple, safe preventive for clothes moths/carpet beetles. She claims to have had them in the past, but as a new customer to me I don't know the history.
    Submitted by Ron, GA

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  • Wed Dec 19 2012

    Borax - Not For Everyone

    Will borax kill carpet beetles?
    Submitted by Nicholas, NC

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  • Wed Oct 17 2012

    Carpet Beetles in Odd Places

    We have a customer who has carpet beetles coming up from the drains. Customer originally put drain gel and bleach down drains and they never went away. So, we treated the entire house outside and inside with Talstar and Demand CS. We also put a fogger in the crawlspace, but they have come back after a few days. First of all, why are carpet beetles in the drains and second what treatment would w...
    Submitted by Scott, ID

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  • Thu Sep 6 2012

    Pet Foods and Pests

    How do you get rid of or control red legged ham beetles and the black beetles found in pet food stores?
    Submitted by Armand, AZ

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  • Thu Aug 30 2012

    Take The Fight To The Source

    What is the best method for treating carpet beetles?
    Submitted by Joseph M., NJ

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  • Thu Aug 2 2012

    Food or Wood - It Really Matters

    I have a sample of what looks like drugstore beetles a customer is seeing in the kitchen of their house. They had them identified by another source that said they were Anobiids. They indeed did have Anobiid in the substructure that we have treated for. My concern is these sample beetles are not Anobiid and they have a drugstore beetle problem also. As the two beetles are very similar, what can ...
    Submitted by Nancy, WA

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  • Tue Jul 24 2012

    Getting To The Source

    The local entomologist ID'd a sample as the carpet or hide beetle that has infested the fireplace area of our client's home. Inspecting both under and in/over the fireplace we are unable to locate a nesting area that would support this pest. The 4' crawl space was inspected twice. A chimney sweep took care of the upper works. I would like to hear any eradication ideas and recommended pesticides...
    Submitted by CECIL, NV

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  • Fri Jun 15 2012

    Seek out the Source

    What are the best IPM methods to deal with a moderate to heavy infestation of Red and confused flour beetles in a warehouse?
    Submitted by Marcus F., FL

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  • Mon May 28 2012

    Bugs On Rugs

    In checking out damage to oriental rugs I confirmed the customer's suspicions. They were told by carpet cleaners that they should be treated first, if in fact it was carpet beetles. The rugs will be washed, not dry cleaned. Is this normal a procedure and would treating first actually help? It would seem the cleaning alone should solve the problem. If I were to treat would an adulticide plus an ...
    Submitted by William, MA

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  • Sun May 27 2012

    A Need To Kill?

    How do I control Eleodes armata in Arizona? I do work for a pest control company but I am only advised to look at the labels. I have and have used numerous products claiming to control these beetles, but with little to no results. I would also like to know if the heat in Arizona would have much effect on the concentrated chemicals I carry in my service truck.
    Submitted by Douglas, AZ

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  • Tue May 22 2012

    Importing Problems

    I work in a hospital for mental patients. One of the "services" provided here is to have Native American ceromonies for our Native American patients. One patient has asked if he can bring in dried Pheasant wings for one of the ceremonies and then they can remain here in the hospital. I have tried to explain about carpet beetles and even furniture or hide beetles. Am I wrong to be concerned abo...
    Submitted by Casey, CA

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