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  • Wed Mar 24 2010

    That Bloated Feeling

    I was watching a Nature show and they were showing and talking about female subterranean termites in Africa. The female was one large mass. Do our female subterranean termites here look the same? I am was very interested in knowing. Thank you.
    Submitted by Linda, CA

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  • Thu Feb 25 2010

    Termites - Yours or Mine?

    What can be done to kill off termite swarms that enter a building from nearby buildings in the area that are not under my control? The swarm gets into the space over the suspended ceiling and is not easily sprayed. Are there any bait traps? The property is in Mississippi.
    Submitted by Robert, CT

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  • Fri Feb 12 2010

    Getting Several Opinions

    Can one company dispute another company's termite findings? Thanks.
    Submitted by Dan, MO

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  • Wed Jan 27 2010

    Tension Around Post-Tension

    How can we treat for subterranean termites at a house with a post-tension slab pour in the garage without drilling inside the garage? The mud tubes are coming up in the garage.
    Submitted by Rodolfo, CA

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  • Mon Dec 28 2009

    Local Treating Drywoods

    I have a 2 story home with drywood termites in the floor upstairs. Can I use Termidor or I-Maxx Pro for this? Should I drill around the affected area, or pour the solution over the flooring to soak in first without drilling? In 2007 I did the outside with Termidor and that worked well.
    Submitted by Demettriss

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  • Sat Oct 10 2009

    Seeing The Invisible

    I have been reading about infra-red cameras. Some inspectors use these cameras and charge an extra fee. What is it that these cameras ($3500+) can do that a good inspector with a flashlight, screwdriver, moisture meter, and years of experience can't do? Thanks.
    Submitted by Bill, CA

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  • Fri Sep 4 2009

    Accepting Someone Else's Work

    I own and operate a fairly new company. I am licensed in Termite Control, and have been asked by several people to assume their annual termite inspections. I am cautious about taking over another company's work. I have been researching this question and have found no information that supports taking over another company's work.
    Submitted by Michael, LA

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  • Tue Sep 1 2009

    When The Chemical Does Not Mix With Water

    I have a customer who is interested in a preventive termite treatment. One section of the home is within five feet of a flowing stream that enters into a river. I use Termidor and I am confused about the label. It says that structures within five to ten feet of a well or body of water must use the backfill method. What do you do if the structure is closer than five feet or right at five feet? A...
    Submitted by John, NJ

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  • Fri Aug 28 2009

    No Respect For the Treatment

    I treated a residence in August. Termites swarmed out the next spring, but I could not find any active infestation on walls, baseboards or studs. They swarmed out from behind some siding at the front door. The siding was not removed, so I am not aware of any live infestation behind it. I had drilled the butted slabs and treated the area below the siding, so is that considered to still be an act...
    Submitted by Pat, TX

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  • Fri Jun 12 2009

    Repellents Vs Nonrepellents

    I have a question about a house that was previously treated for subterranean termites using a repellent termiticide, Dragnet, approximately 4 years ago, but the structure has active termites. The company that performed the original application went out of business, and the owners want to have the house re-treated using a non-repellent material (Termidor.) Will the previous treatment have any ef...
    Submitted by Jay, NM

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  • Thu Apr 23 2009

    Sub Termite Problems

    I am dealing with a property that has been treated numerous times by another pest control company. The building is a two story duplex with a brick exterior, concrete slab floor, pine tongue-and-groove ceiling, no attic access in both units which are occupied, with lots of personal belongings obstructing interior walls. Inacessible areas are beneath the stairs and plumbing runs are in a center ...
    Submitted by Richard, NV

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  • Fri Mar 13 2009

    Termites And The Economy

    My question is about my 5-year "booster" treatments that are needed for my existing termite customers. I am starting to have some customers that do not have the funds to pay for this, and I believe that their homes, that were treated by me and never had any more problems, are going to be susceptible to termites again. I would hate to lose them & also the yearly renewal, which is money I rely on...
    Submitted by Blair, LA

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  • Mon Feb 16 2009

    Termites - The Other White Meat

    I have heard that ants are a natural predator of termites - true? not true? Thank you, Rhonda
    Submitted by Rhonda, CA

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  • Thu Nov 27 2008

    Tired of Giving Birth

    How many Termites can a female Termite produce in her lifetime? Thank you! Jodi JA
    Submitted by Jodi

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  • Tue Oct 14 2008

    Termites A to Z

    Are all termites "True Insects"? Do Drywood Termites actually eat their dead? Are Drywood Termite pellets always "Old" if their color is black? Can Subterranean Termites Soldiers be heard pounding their heads within wooden structures? Thank You.
    Submitted by Lance, CA

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  • Fri Sep 26 2008

    Getting to the Bottom Of The Problem

    I have always done termite pretreat applications prior to the slabs being poured, rodding down around the footings to ensure the adjacent soil is being treated, and of course along foundations, pipe openings, etc. This particular school I am starting insists that I treat the soil before the footings are poured. I have studied the label and it states that under all circumstances do not treat und...
    Submitted by Patrice, NJ

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  • Sun Jun 15 2008

    Working With Shackles

    I have a hotel with a problem with Subterranean termites downstairs in one of the hillside suites. The owner is very difficult and is limiting my treatment options. The problems are on a wall that has five 10 foot paintings that are worth a few hundred thousand dollars. One of the painting frames was removed for repair because of termite damage but the owner is refusing to remove the other 4 in...
    Submitted by Wayne

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  • Thu Apr 24 2008

    Wood For Dinner, Styrofoam for Dessert

    Will termites eat insulation? Blue styrofoam was destroyed in a roof being fixed after it had leaked. No mud was found or evidence of any other kind in the rest of the building.
    Submitted by Curtis, UT

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  • Mon Mar 10 2008

    Chalk It Up To Indigestion

    Do termites eat sheetrock? I know they damage it, but I am not sure if they digest it.
    Submitted by Ricardo, CA

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  • Tue Jan 29 2008

    Going For The Senior's Discount?

    What is the average lifespan for termites - subterranean & drywood? Thank you! Jodi JA
    Submitted by Jodi

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