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  • Tue Feb 8 2011

    Roaches As Predators?

    Is it true that American roaches feed on sowbugs? If this is true could our recent increase in sowbugs be due to moisture around the home or place of business, and organic debris in these areas, rather than any effect from American roaches using sowbugs as their only food source? Also, is it true that American roaches will hide in gutters around a home if they are clogged with wet leaves?
    Submitted by Earl, TN

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  • Sun Jan 9 2011

    Winter Walkabouts

    I have a few new homes that I recently acquired and have treated only once or twice. On the interior of the homes I use Phantom as a crack and crevice spray and around doors and windows. For the exterior I have recently switched to Temprid SC and up till now have had excellent results with both products when applied per the label. However, I am having customer reports of increased spider, ant, ...
    Submitted by William, TX

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  • Tue Feb 23 2010

    Villain Or Scapegoat?

    Do sowbugs destroy mortar on brick homes? If not, do you have any ideas on what could be?
    Submitted by Thomas, AR

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