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  • Tue Aug 4 2015

    Nighttime + Cat Food

    What is the best method to lure a skunk out from under a house?
    Submitted by Gary, OK

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  • Sun Nov 11 2012

    Avoid The Spray

    What is recommended for Skunk removal?
    Submitted by David, FL

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  • Thu Jun 28 2012

    Get One Skunk, Get 'Em All

    I have a residential account that had a skunk die underneath the foundation of their house. Since then there have been numerous other skunks trying to dig under the house for re-entry. 1. Is there something you can recommend to help control the smell since I can't find the dead skunk to remove it? 2. Would the smell of this dead skunk be attracting others to come 'visit'? 3. Is there someth...
    Submitted by Travis, NM

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  • Wed Nov 23 2011

    Once You Got 'Em, You Got 'Em

    How far away do I need to release a skunk from the location that I trapped it?
    Submitted by thomas, CA

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  • Sun May 2 2010

    Have Skunks, Don't Want 'Em

    Skunks - how do you control them?
    Submitted by Joseph, CA

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  • Thu Jan 18 2007

    Fur The Sake of Trapping

    When did the new law go into effect that you have to have a fish and game trapping license to trap skunks, opposums, and raccoons?
    Submitted by jeremy, CA

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  • Thu Jan 26 2006

    Evicting Pepe Le Fume

    Good Morning, I have a new problem to address. Our prison is located very remotely and has abundant wildlife. Currently I have a skunk living under a trailer. Unfortunately, for me, the trailer is occupied by my boss. So far she/he has not responded to a baited trap. I'm using canned cat food in one and canned dog food in another. Any suggestions?
    Submitted by Casey, CA

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  • Sat Sep 21 2002

    The stench of the Skunk

    Is there any thing that can be used to repell skunks from a stucture other then trapping? What is the best chemical to use on spider mites outdoors?
    Submitted by Christine, OR

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