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Wednesday September 5, 2012


Mr Pest Control


Any suggestion on German roaches in a restaurant? I treat with Suspend and an IGR and bait with Maxforce Roach bait. Not sure if restaurant employees are feeding roaches and that is why the roaches aren't eating the bait. Any suggestions like dust and flowable powders? The bait dries up in Las Vegas weather after a week.

Danny, NV

Mr Pest Control


You may have hinted at one big problem here and that is sanitation. Since you did not mention this aspect of roach control I am thinking that perhaps it has not been emphasized to this customer. As a wise person stated it many years ago, "pesticides cannot overcome bad sanitation", so not only will filthy conditions in a restaurant offer the needed food for roaches, insecticides applied onto dirty and greasy surfaces don't stand much chance of doing their jobs either. Active ingredients will quickly be tied up by organic matter, and grease and filth are organic enough to do this and to make those materials unavailable to the roaches that wander over or sit on those surfaces. 

So, let's start at the beginning again and suggest that on your next visit you perform a VERY thorough Sanitation Inspection. This needs ... Read more

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