Rice That Wiggles

Wednesday September 12, 2012


Mr Pest Control


I need help. I have maggots in my kitchen for the 3rd time in two years. I see flies all the time but never more than 5 or 6 at a time. I know the life cycle of a fly, but don't they need rotton food to lay their eggs? Please help.

Mr Pest Control


Maggots squirming across a kitchen floor, or better yet the counter tops, are a certain reason for a homeowner to call a pest control firm. There is just something about these important recyclers that give us the creeps. In a home these will nearly always be blow fly larvae, and the two most likely sources are going to be dead animals, and recently dead, or filthy garbage that has not been disposed of for awhile. In a home it may be more likely that the dead animal is the culprit, as really dirty garbage receptacles may offer a noticeable and unwanted odor that alerts the homeowner to that problem. However, OUTdoors the rotting garbage can be much more possible when dumpsters or garbage cans are not emptied on that weekly basis and the contents begin to rot. T... Read more

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