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  • Mon Sep 21 2015

    Fresh Scent

    How often should we replace our Trécé domes?
    Submitted by Joanna, CA

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  • Tue Feb 3 2015

    Pests In The Belfry

    Where can I find a commercial inspection report for a church? thanks.
    Submitted by Gary, OK

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  • Wed Jun 5 2013

    Smoking Pests

    What can you tell me about pest management in cigarette factories?
    Submitted by Marcus F., FL

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  • Mon Apr 8 2013

    An Interesting Flavor of M&Ms

    I have a customer that has candy vending machines. He is having a problem with peanut M&Ms. First a worm comes out of the candy, then it turns into a moth. How do we treat the machines since it is food based and I can't use any pesticides? Do I tell him to dispose of the candy?
    Submitted by Cynthia, FL

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  • Fri Apr 5 2013

    Traps Are Your Best Friend.

    I'm having a problem controlling mice in a drug store that I service. I've used glue boards and baits (pellets and blocks) and still can't seem to control the problem. The store is in a strip shopping center with a Wings To Go, a bakery and Asian restaurants as neighbors. Any help would be appreciated.
    Submitted by robrt, PA

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  • Wed Feb 27 2013

    Need For Certification?

    Can anyone other than a certified technician, such as a custodian, spray pesticides in schools?
    Submitted by steve, GA

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  • Wed Oct 3 2012

    Correcting Some Misunderstandings?

    I have just started to service a restaurant with relatively minor pest issues, but they will not allow me to service when there is any food present, giving me only a small window of opportunity for when I can perform the service. I wanted to get some expert advice on this before pleading my case. I feel that I am experienced and trained enough to know how to treat a restaurant without contami...
    Submitted by Kyle, NM

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  • Mon Sep 24 2012

    It Pays To Work For A Profit

    I realize this question may vary due to location and product pricing, but how do you determine a fair price for pest control? I have a request to provide preventive pest control (mainly for roaches) in an apartment building. There are 56 apartments total with 1, 2, & 3 bedroom units. At this point there are no pest infestations. I've heard other companies are charging from $2 per apt up to $35 ...
    Submitted by C B, OK

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  • Fri Sep 21 2012

    Food Plant Pest Management

    What are the guidelines and procedures for treating a Food Processing Plant?
    Submitted by Steven, AL

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  • Wed Jul 25 2012

    Nasties In Nursing Homes

    What is a good product to use for pest control for spiders, cockroaches, ants, etc. in nursing homes where patients are present?
    Submitted by micah, OK

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  • Tue Jul 3 2012

    LEED Buildings and PMP's

    Can you explain the role PCOs play in providing service to businesses that participate in the LEED program? Do PCOs become LEED certified or can any company perform service (for credit to the client) as long as that service adheres to LEED guidelines? Lastly, where can these guidelines be found? Thank you for such a great site!
    Submitted by Dylan, NC

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  • Mon Jun 18 2012

    Price For Profit

    I have been in the industry for 5 years and about 6 months ago I started my own company in general pest. I only have about 12 clients residential and one commercial restaurant. Today I had a fire dept call and ask me to make a bid. I don't want to come in too high or too low, so any suggestions?
    Submitted by jeff, AZ

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  • Sun Feb 5 2012

    The Role of IGR's

    A plant manager mentioned to me that another pest control company ULD's his other warehouse with just Gentrol. Have you ever heard of such a thing? Unless they are using oil and Gentrol there would really be no sense to use Gentrol alone as it seems it would take too much and offer no pest control. Does this sound correct?
    Submitted by Randy, NY

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  • Sat Aug 13 2011

    Treating Around Containers

    We are bidding on a warehouse for pest control where they store glass jars that are used for food products. Is there a pesticide we can use in our back pack foggers as a space spray?
    Submitted by Mickey, LA

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  • Sat Jun 25 2011

    Bakeries - Not So Special

    How can we control mice and roaches in a bakery without dusting or using bait? The owner thinks it is not permitted in Pennsylvania. Can you clarify for me? The place is in a dire situation. Thank you.
    Submitted by Ahmad, CA

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  • Wed Jan 5 2011

    Movies With a Take-Home Feature

    We service two movie theaters on a regular basis. One of them is around 1,300 seats while the other is close to 1,800. We have been asked by their corporate office to implement an inspection/treatment for bed bugs as a prevention. We do plenty of bed bug treatments, but nothing to this scale. What would be the best course to tackle something so monumental in size?
    Submitted by Steve, KY

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  • Sun Nov 7 2010

    Respecting Your Box Elders

    I have a dairy plant in central NY that is having a problem with boxelder bugs. They are throughout the plant in light fixtures. It is a cement bldg surrounded by blacktop, a little lawn area in rear of plant. They are having an upcoming audit by a 3rd party inspection company. Do you have any suggestions so they don't get points off on the audit during this inspection?
    Submitted by Randy, NY

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  • Fri Oct 15 2010

    Mattress Encasements

    Is there any particular type of mattress covers that you recommend for hotels to prevent bed bugs from hiding on the beds?
    Submitted by Jodi

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  • Mon Sep 6 2010

    Bidding The Big Jobs

    I need to submit a bid/proposal for a commercial job. Can you please put me through how to write a successful bid or proposal. Guidelines will be highly appreciated.
    Submitted by Abiodun, MD

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  • Sat Jul 10 2010

    Bed Bug Repellent Clothing?

    The maintenance and housekeeping staff in apartments and hotels have been asking about something to "repel" bed bugs, something to keep them off their clothes. They are worried about carrying them home. Are you aware of any material that can be used to treat clothing fabric that may act as a repellent for bed bugs?
    Submitted by John, OH

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