• Thu Mar 19 2015

    Effective For How Long?

    The different formulations such as CE, WP, SC, CS will offer differing lengths of persistence of the active ingredient, right? Let's assume we are talking about a regular 4th generation synthetic pyrethroid such as Deltamethrin. How much could each of those formulations, on average, give us as residual?
    Submitted by Marcus F., FL

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  • Wed Mar 18 2015

    Keeping Stored Products Effective

    What is your take on product shelf-life? Length of time stored, efficacy after months. Also, when a liquid freezes overnight does it water down after it thaws? We have an active rotation system and usually bring products and equipment indoors, but I would imagine that excessive heat is also a problem. Thanks
    Submitted by Andy, MA

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  • Tue Mar 17 2015

    Any Final Answer on Boric Acid?

    Some literature says that boric acid, Borax and DOT will interfere with the insect's metabolism. On the other hand, some articles say that it kills the protozoa (and all other symbiotic organisms) living in the insect's gut, preventing it from breaking down food and eventually absorbing nutrients. Which is correct? thank you.
    Submitted by Marcus F., FL

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  • Thu Feb 12 2015

    The Role of Credibility

    I'm trying to find information on pesticide safety for a customer. I was out to do a bed bug treatment and one elderly resident showed high concerns that if I found active bed bugs that the products we used could seriously harm her. I tried to explain how and where we use applications for the bed bug issue using crack and crevice treatments. Any info that i can print out for them will be very h...
    Submitted by Thomas, GA

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  • Mon Feb 2 2015

    Shedding Our Tiers

    Can you explain the different Tier levels on pesticide products, such as Tier 1, Tier 2, etc. Thanks.
    Submitted by Jerry, FL

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  • Sat Jan 24 2015

    Intelligence versus Common Sense

    Many people of average to above average intelligence think they can do their own pest control. What are some of the factors that may make this dangerous?
    Submitted by Mary, MO

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  • Sun Jan 18 2015

    Great Vehicle Reading Material

    Do you have to have the M.S.D.S. on the service vehicle or the Label or both?
    Submitted by Alan, AZ

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  • Sat Jan 17 2015

    Is Anything "Safe"?

    What pest control residual would be a safe alternative to pyrethrins to use in my every day commercial accounts? Would Alpine be a good choice? I have been using traps and baits, but I would like to be able to use a safe residual as well, especially where people are present. I understand about the food handling aspect of Alpine, so it also is restrictive in some regard as well.
    Submitted by george, PA

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  • Tue Nov 11 2014

    Gas vs. Vapor

    I recently tented a customer's leather couch with 6 mil plastic and sealed the plastic with tape to a concrete floor after placing two Nuvan Prostrips underneath the couch. An excellent seal with plenty of airspace for the vapors to work. Many bed bugs of all stages were killed as evidenced when the plastic was removed seven days later. However, I still found some live nymphs on the couch! ...
    Submitted by Richard, TX

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  • Tue Nov 4 2014

    Drift and Dead Fish

    I realize many pesticide labels have language regarding their toxicity to fish and aquatic invertebrates, but, in theory, how much of a diluted product would have to be introduced into an aquatic environment to have the ppm in the water body necessary to kill fish? Maybe a better way to explain it would be the amount of concentrate, as dilution rates vary. Also, could the drift of a diluted p...
    Submitted by Stephanie, FL

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  • Mon Aug 25 2014

    Grass Is Not Greener on the "Green" Side

    I'm in the process of quoting a customer for ongoing mosquito treatments. There is a chicken coop and the chickens occasionally roam the yard. Can I use a conventional pesticide or should I consider a "green" option?
    Submitted by Nate, MA

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  • Mon Aug 18 2014

    It’s Good to Have Goals

    What is the best pesticide for indoor pest control?
    Submitted by Ed, FL

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  • Wed Aug 6 2014

    Come Back and Visit

    An apartment manager wants us to treat an apartment with German cockroaches every week for four weeks in a row. Can we legally do this? We will be applying Temprid SC plus CB-80 and Invader aerosols.
    Submitted by Diane, TX

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  • Wed Jul 30 2014

    Making the Switch

    Because of the restrictions on exterior pyrethroid applications, I’d like to find a broad label insecticide that allows for application over a wider range of areas on the exterior of homes. Any suggestions?
    Submitted by Nate, MA

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  • Mon Jul 28 2014

    Better Apart Than Together

    I have been mixing Essentria IC3 with Cy-Kick CS. I don't see anything on the Essentria IC3 or Cy-Kick CS labels about it not being okay to mix them together. A coworker says he doesn't do it anymore because Essentria IC3 causes Cy-Kick CS to become ineffective and he has had more call backs. Your thoughts would be appreciated.
    Submitted by Lee, CA

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  • Fri Jul 25 2014

    Just the Facts

    Where is it written that dogs can’t be on the property (yard) or people must vacate the home for two hours after an interior treatment? I don't see it on product labels.
    Submitted by Rick, CA

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  • Mon Jun 23 2014

    Be Careful

    We use Demand CS to treat exterior perimeters. What can I tank mix with it that will provide knockdown? I'd like to spray a bug and show my customer the instant results they are looking for.
    Submitted by Daniel, NC

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  • Wed Jun 18 2014

    Poor for Porous Surfaces

    What is the best pesticide formulation for application to porous surfaces?
    Submitted by Todd, CA

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  • Fri May 30 2014

    This Place is a Zoo

    Our company recently received a request for a quote for a small reptile zoo. What kinds of pesticides should we be using at this kind of establishment?
    Submitted by ben, AZ

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  • Thu Feb 13 2014

    Doctor of pH

    I have read that the pH of water when mixing concentrates is important, but have yet to see measuring pH practiced. Am I overlooking an opportunity to increase a product's efficacy by not applying this knowledge?
    Submitted by Patrick, TX

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