• Thu Feb 13 2014

    Doctor of pH

    I have read that the pH of water when mixing concentrates is important, but have yet to see measuring pH practiced. Am I overlooking an opportunity to increase a product's efficacy by not applying this knowledge?
    Submitted by Patrick, TX

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  • Tue Jan 21 2014

    Live Long and Prosper

    I have been using Temprid SC for bed bug elimination and have been having great success. How long does its residual last?
    Submitted by Thomas, CA

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  • Mon Dec 9 2013

    Could You Crawl in the Crawl?

    I was recently fired from a job and am pretty sure it was because I questioned a few things (mixtures, application rates and methods) that I was pretty sure were not within regulations. My question today is whether or not Premise 75 can be broadcast sprayed for controlling termites. I definitely know for sure it has guidelines for inaccessible areas. But to be broadcast, for example, in a su...
    Submitted by Mullen, CA

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  • Mon Nov 25 2013

    For a Rainy Day

    I really need clarification on something. My service manager and branch manager have two different answers on applying chemicals on rainy days. What is the correct way and correct chemical that I can use on rainy days?
    Submitted by Thomas, CA

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  • Thu Nov 14 2013

    Good Question

    Greetings! What is lntegrated Pest Management?
    Submitted by Jodi

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  • Tue Nov 12 2013

    Do It with You Pest Control

    I saw a customer today and I asked him how his bark scorpion situation is. He told me he has been seeing some in the house and got Cy-Kick several months ago. I've serviced his house with Demon WP and he has been using his Cy-Kick as a "supplement". I did not know this until today and said to him the mixing of these two products could create a cross contamination. Your opinion, please.
    Submitted by susan, NV

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  • Tue Oct 22 2013

    Clear the Room

    What are the best and safest products I can use with peace of mind in rehabilitation centers and nursing homes?
    Submitted by david, UT

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  • Fri Oct 4 2013

    Do Not Apply While Showering

    I was wondering if you could clarify the “Directions for Use” section of the new pyrethroid labels. It states, "Do not make applications during rain." Is this a blanket statement applying to all labeled uses of the product? For example, does this mean you cannot treat inside a building when it is raining outside?
    Submitted by Stephanie, FL

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  • Thu Oct 3 2013

    Innovative Pest Management

    What is your opinion on built-in pest control systems installed in perimeter walls? I've been looking at this system being installed here in Las Vegas. It seems to me that they are saturating the insulation and the wood studs with insecticide. Not to mention, here in Las Vegas, we just don't have that many insects actually living in the walls. Our control efforts should be directed to the o...
    Submitted by greg, NV

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  • Mon Sep 23 2013

    Formulations Make a Difference

    What does rain do to bifenthrin after it has been applied and has dried?
    Submitted by Granvel, AZ

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  • Tue Sep 10 2013

    It's Not in Their Nature

    Does Avert cuase American roaches to flush out of hiding places?
    Submitted by David, CA

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  • Thu Sep 5 2013

    What's in a Name?

    What is the mode of action for Invader from FMC?
    Submitted by David, WI

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  • Fri Aug 16 2013

    Air Dry or Blow Dry, but Not Drip Dry

    On the label for Precor 2000 Plus, It says to "Vacate room after treatment, and ventilate until surfaces are dry before reoccupying." Should we be doing some sort of forced ventilation, or is just keeping people out until it is dry adequate?
    Submitted by Dennis, CA

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  • Tue Aug 13 2013

    Always Know The Maximum

    Do you have any tips for measuring granular use? What do you think of the idea of not applying granular in shakers, but 1) estimating square footage to be covered, 2) scooping some granular into a cup and weighing it on a digital scale and 3) trying to stretch that amount properly to cover the treatment area? Do you know of any less time-consuming ways to get proper rate? Do labels literally ...
    Submitted by Christopher, FL

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  • Thu Aug 8 2013

    Synthetic or Natural as Long as It Works

    I recently saw an advertisement for a "green" bed bug control product whose active ingredient is cedar oil. Is this a more viable option than traditional pesticides?
    Submitted by Nathan, MA

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  • Tue Jul 30 2013


    A home and its structures have had exclusion work done to prevent rodent entry. The homeowner wants bait stations on the perimeter of their fence line to prevent rodents in the garden. Is this agricultural pest control? We are a structural pest control company and do exclusion work. I believe it’s not structural pest control and potentially endangering wildlife. But please correct me if I’...
    Submitted by Erick, CA

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  • Mon Jul 29 2013

    No Blood, No Kill

    Will rodent soft bait kill ants? I do not intend to nor have I used it for ants, but a couple of times I have found ants all over the rodent bait (First Strike). The ants appear to have taken some of the bait away. I'm just curious.
    Submitted by Dominick, NV

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  • Fri Jul 26 2013

    What To Do With Residues

    Do you have any tips for cleaning a backpack and wand of white chemical residue/chips? I think a rinsate bottle that had quite a bit of crust in it may have been rinsed into this backpack. It kind of reminds me of tiny chips of bar soap clung inside. Do you think the chips are something be concerned about? Do you think that they pose a chemical hazard?
    Submitted by Christopher, FL

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  • Mon Jul 22 2013

    You Are Your Own Expert

    As a sole proprietor, I do not have access to laboratories that can test products and supply me with the better results. Subsequently, I have to rely on the advertisements of manufacturers, which, on occasion, do not perform as promised. Where might I get information on what works and what to watch out for?
    Submitted by Dale, WI

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  • Thu Jul 11 2013

    Spoiler Alert

    Is there a law or regulation regarding how often rodenticides need to be checked? Can a bimonthly account have rodent service?
    Submitted by Cesar, CA

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