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  • Mon Oct 26 2015

    Seek and Ye Shall Find

    I’m having an issue with meal moths in a rural town. Do you have any suggestions for managing these pests? I’m getting calls about them from the school district and private homes.
    Submitted by Derrick, OH

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  • Fri Mar 27 2015

    Case Clothed

    What is the best way to manage casemaking clothes moths?
    Submitted by Tammy, FL

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  • Mon Apr 21 2014

    Can’t Get Any Greener

    I gave an estimate for indian meal moths at a home. There was pupal webbing, larvae and adults in the kitchen and all of the surrounding rooms, even on the cathedral ceilings. The customer has just completed chemotherapy treatment. I'd like to physically remove all the webbing that I can and then treat with "green" pesticides. I‘m looking for any recommendations about how to approach the si...
    Submitted by Nate, MA

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  • Thu Mar 6 2014

    Holey Cloth

    A customer has clothing (mostly wool or cotton sweaters) with holes as if being eaten. No moths or larvae have been found but the problem remains. We have checked the clothing, treated cracks and crevice, dusted wall voids, fogged the room and have gone back in with pheromone traps to no avail. Any ideas?
    Submitted by Wayne, CA

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  • Wed Apr 17 2013

    Got Silk?

    My customer has plaster bagworms inside. This home is spotless. No spider webs, no dust or any organic debris inside. They are found in two bathrooms which are back to back, in the kitchen and in the master bedroom. Almost 90% are found close to the baseboard in the above mentioned areas. There is no evidence on the exterior, on the soffits or overhangs. Also, this home was completely de-w...
    Submitted by Clement, FL

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  • Thu Oct 25 2012

    Meal Moths - A Forever Thing?

    I service an ethnic supermarket with an ongoing issue with Indian Meal Moth. We install some traps with lures every now and then, but would like to take care of this issue for good. I've asked them to clean all of their shelves in the store and they did (more or less). I suggested they contact their supplier because that may be the actual source, but they don't want to go this far because they ...
    Submitted by Mathieu, ON

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  • Tue Aug 7 2012

    Clothes Moth Capabilities

    Two questions on clothes moths. How far can they fly? Can they live in heating / cooling ducts?
    Submitted by William, MA

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  • Sat Jul 7 2012

    There's A New Moth In Town

    I have been treating a lot of webbing clothes moth jobs lately and there seems to be a surge of them for some reason. Any ideas why? There also is a new moth ID'd as a brown house moth. I was told it is a new pest to the area. What can you enlighten me with about this moth? I was told a total fumigation needs to be performed to eradicate this pest. Thanks - knowledge is a wonderful thing.
    Submitted by William, MA

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  • Fri May 4 2012

    Nature Insists on Recycling

    I have been getting a lot of clothes moth calls lately. One home has pheromone traps in the closets and attic and the second floor closets captured many moths, but in the attic the traps were full. No clothing, rugs, or material products were stored there. The insulation was the fiber insulation as opposed to blown in. Why would the moths be in an attic? In one trap alone there were more moths ...
    Submitted by William, MA

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  • Thu Mar 22 2012

    Stuffed, Mounted, and Edible

    My question concerns clothes moths and taxidermy. Will the moths attack a stuffed quail or elk? If so, what treatment can be used to not affect the feathers and fur?
    Submitted by William, MA

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  • Tue Mar 20 2012

    A Bug In A Bag

    What product do you recommend to combat bagworms /case moth?
    Submitted by Victoria, IN

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  • Mon Mar 5 2012

    Put The Heat On Clothes Moths?

    My question concerns clothes moths. I was talking with a prospective customer where another company said they would use heat mitigation to kill the clothes moths. I have heard of heat for bed bugs, but not clothes moths. The home builder said due to the quality of the wood he doesn't recommend it. What have you heard about this approach? What about an IGR?
    Submitted by William, MA

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  • Sun Jan 8 2012

    Getting To The Heart of The Problem

    I have an account with a dry goods area. The product coming in is full of meal moths, where you can actually see larva in the sealed products. Switching the vender is not an option. Is there a bug light that will work on these moths or some type of misting system?
    Submitted by Jim, WI

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  • Thu Jun 23 2011

    Lingering Moth Problems

    We have a house that seems to get Indian Meal Moths every year for the last 3 years from March through fall and quits in winter. The attic seems to be the major area and they trickle into the inside of the house. Insulation in the attic prevents access to the entire attic because it is too low to crawl. There may have been squirrels in the attic soffit several years ago. I have dusted and fog...
    Submitted by Alan, FL

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  • Wed Jun 22 2011

    Evicting Raccoons

    I have a racoon in an attic with several young she just gave birth to. This part of the attic is very tight to get into and set a trap. Is there any way to get them out of the area without harming them? I've heard suggestions with using ammonia, moth balls, and even loud music was suggested. Are there any ultrasonic devices I can use? The babies are about the size of a small cat. Once the mothe...
    Submitted by Jerome, CA

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  • Wed Jun 8 2011

    Munchin' On Wool

    What are the main biological and behavioral differences between the Webbing Clothes Moth and the Case-making Clothes moth? Also, what are the most helpful preventive measures and the more appropriate treatment protocol?
    Submitted by Marcus F., FL

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  • Tue Apr 5 2011

    Wandering Worms

    I need to identify a worm in my customer's kitchen. I'm sorry I dont have a pic. These are on the ceiling, and then over time turn into some kind of moth. They are clear to light brown or tan with a red head. I have run into these once before, but it has been a long time. I can't remember where I looked them up, so I hope you can help. I do remember they either came in with or they are attracte...
    Submitted by Gary, SC

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  • Mon Mar 7 2011

    Trying To Stop Recycling

    I serviced an account today (a nature center) and was presented with a problem - clothing moths on the taxidermy displays. There was also a cabinet with all sorts of feathers infested with the moths. Is the best way to eliminate this problem by freezing the displays and vacuuming?
    Submitted by Judith, MA

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  • Wed Jan 19 2011

    Shirts With Ventilation

    My customer said she is getting small holes in the front of her T-shirts. She brought one down from Virginia, and after washing it saw holes in it. Funny that they are all in and around the same spot near the stomach area. These shirts were brand new from a major store that starts with a "W". Perhaps moths?
    Submitted by Joseph, FL

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  • Sat Jan 8 2011

    Feeding and Tucked Away

    Any suggestions on controlling clothes moths or carpet beetles in a carpet warehouse, other than spot fogging with an aerosol? Pheromone traps and spot treatment are being used now. Some carpets are rolled and stored, some are laid flat.
    Submitted by Clement, FL

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